LEFF Workshops: Fun and informative


We had a great turnout at our LEFF Design Build workshop this past Saturday, thanks to everyone who attended!

Our workshop was divided into two presentations (with an intermission /coffee break) and an opportunity for questions. Dave Leff, CEO and President of LEFF Construction Design Build, started off the February 11, 2017 workshop showing the differences between traditional design-bid-build remodeling projects and the design–build method. Dave clearly outlined the cost and time-saving efficiencies in the design–build process and how careful planning during the design phase can help prevent problems in the construction phase. If you are considering a remodel or new home project, budget is certainly a big consideration. Dave explained that “designing to the budget” is an aspect of design–build that helps determine the project’s scope and prevents surprises and unexpected expenses during construction. There were lots of questions from the audience; it appeared that most attendees walked away with a wealth of information to help them in their project planning.

The second half of the workshop was presented by Louise Leff of Leff Landscape Design. Although they share the same last name, Louise Leff and Dave Leff are not related! What they do have in common is a passion for beautiful, functional design. Louise displayed some of her beautiful landscape projects and talked about how design/build methods can also be applied when planning your home’s exterior. Louise has done the landscape design for several LEFF Construction projects, and when those two great minds get together, truly spectacular things happen! We are finishing up a large Leff-Leff project very soon, so look for new images to be posted on this blog.

If you’d like to attend a LEFF Workshop, we have three more planned for 2017. Send us an email and request to be placed on the Workshop list.

Get jumpstart on your project! Take our self-assessment to see if you can benefit from using design–build principles to save time and money, and prevent stress.

Another way to begin your design–build process is to read our Frequently Asked Questions and get lots of answers! Also, take a look at Our Process for a timeline sketch of a design–build project.

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