Sonoma Strong as we rebuild


Dear Friends,

I and the entire staff and crew at LEFF Construction Design Build hope that you and your family are all safe as we enter into the second week of this very difficult time for our Sonoma County community. Everyone we know, including LEFF personnel and their families, have suffered great loss. We want to extend our gratitude to all of the first responders, the city, state and county government, and the hundreds of organizations whose efforts at saving lives and containing the fires are nothing short of heroic. The thousands of volunteers and regular folks who have come together to help neighbors, friends, and strangers in their hour of need show just how strong Sonoma County is.

Many of our current and past clients have lost their homes. As you can imagine, we are getting many calls and are doing our best to organize and respond to questions about re-building homes lost in the fire.

At the same time, we continue work on our active projects and are moving forward with clients who were already scheduled to begin remodeling projects. Our project managers are working hard to keep to project timelines; however, because several of our sub-contractors and suppliers have suffered fire damage or loss, we are experiencing production delays. Some of our suppliers have also informed us that product shipments are affected.

We wanted to let you know that we are working hard to manage these challenges and are determined to provide the very best customer experience possible under the circumstances.

In 2018, LEFF Construction Design Build will be entering its 40th year in business in Sonoma County. Just as we have helped build and remodel homes in our community over the past four decades, we are here to help navigate the re-building efforts that are just beginning, and continue our commitment to our clients and our beautiful Sonoma County neighborhoods.

Take care, be safe, and be well,

Dave Leff
LEFF Construction Design Build

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